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Article: 4 Must-Have Tools For Luxury Candle Lovers

4 Must-Have Tools For Luxury Candle Lovers

Luxury candles are more than just wax in a glass — they create experiences that delight our senses and nourish our souls. 

In order to savor the experience to the fullest, there are certain tools you can use that are designed to make your favorite candles last longer and burn beautifully each time. 

Whether you’re a budding candle connoisseur or you’re researching a thoughtful gift for a candle lover, here are four basic candle tools that are a must-have for a complete luxury candle experience.

1. Bell Cloche

Part of the beauty of a luxury candle is it’s smooth surfaces and pristine wax. But after we take out a beautiful candle to decorate a table or shelf, it inevitably starts to collect dust and lose some of its luster. If you’ve ever felt frustrated at the need to frequently remove dust from your candles, then the bell cloche is a perfect solution. 

A bell cloche is a bell-shaped glass dome used to cover a candle, creating an elegant display while preserving its fragrance. The glass serves as a physical barrier that protects the candle from dust and debris, helping your candle maintain a beautiful, flawless appearance with minimal effort. 

In addition to keeping candles clean, cloches also help preserve the fragrance to ensure that you get a strong, consistent scent throw every time. 

2. Extra Long Candle Matches

One of our favorite things about burning a candle is the feeling of striking a match — the gratifying feeling of resistance the instant the match meets the striker strip, along with a slight whiff of that familiar sulfur-y smell, creates a Pavlovian experience that has us salivating for the luxurious candle fragrances to come. 

Compared to a regular match stick, the long stem variety is a versatile and convenient tool specifically designed to make lighting candles easier and more enjoyable. No more singeing your fingers when lighting multiple candles with a single match, and it’s perfect for relighting a candle wick that’s deep inside its container.

3. Candle Snuffer

If you’ve ever watched a zealous child blow out a candle, you’ll understand the mental anguish of watching hot wax fly everywhere.  

But even for careful, grown-up candle lovers, we recommend avoiding the urge to blow out your favorite luxury candle. Why? Because blowing out a candle creates substantial smoke that can upset the beautiful fragrance that has previously been infused into the room. It can also spread soot around the wax pool and cause the wick to be bent or pushed deeper into the wax. 

A candle snuffer is our preferred way to extinguish luxury candles. This tool looks like a small, cone-shaped bell at the end of a handle that’s placed over a lighted wick to instantly snuff out the flame. You keep the smoke and soot to a minimum while preserving your candle in its best condition for the next burn.

4. Wick Trimmer

Speaking of keeping luxury candles in perfect condition, one of the most basic — yet most important — candle care tools is a wick trimmer

Wick trimmers are unique-looking scissors with a small set of slanted, circular blades made to trim off and retrieve the burnt, sooty end of a wick after the candle is extinguished. By doing so, you can keep your wick at an ideal length of about ¼ to ⅛ of an inch, which prevents the flame from getting too hot and spilling soot into the wax.  

When using wick trimmers, always remember to extinguish the candle first and allow it to cool to room temperature before trimming. We recommend doing this once every 4 hours of burn time to prevent the wick from getting too hot and cause “tunneling,” which is when the center of the wax melts too quickly and starts to form a hole within the rest of the wax.  

If you want longer lasting candles with a clean flame, a pristine wax pool, and beautiful, unobstructed scent diffusion, wick trimmers are an absolute essential.

In Conclusion

Beyond just improving décor and impressing friends, these candle tools are a smart investment that will significantly improve the quality and enjoyment of your luxury candle experience.  

Of the 4 tools we introduced, the wick trimmer is the most important when it comes to proper candle care. Candle snuffers and bell cloches are also wonderful add-ons to help candles last longer while making your collection feel more sophisticated. And extra long matches are true luxury items that are wonderful both for décor and for immersing yourself in the pleasure of burning your favorite candle.