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Essence of Gingerbread & Holiday Spice

St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas Avenue, a bustling thoroughfare darts clear across the neighborhood of Harlem from start to end, and is named after St. Nicholas, a patron saint of New Amsterdam known for his charity. Also named as an homage to St. Nicholas is another generous man of legend, St Nick – or as he is more affectionately known – Santa Claus.

Image of St. Nicholas 2 wick candleImage of St. Nicholas candle next to its decorative box
Save $ 8.00St. Nicholas (red glass) and Holiday (green glass)candles
Scents of the Season Bundle Sale price$ 88.00 Regular price$ 96.00
Save $ 10.00St. Nicholas, Vintage Garden and After Dark Candles
Harlem Winter Candle Trio Sale price$ 134.00 Regular price$ 144.00
Save $ 12.00St. Nicholas, Vintage Garden and After Dark Candles pictured in front of the gift box they are packaged in.Lifestyle image of Vintage Garden. St. Nicholas and After Dark Candles illuminated.
Winter Nights Gift Box Sale price$ 144.00 Regular price$ 156.00

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