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Essence of Gardenia & Coffee Flower

Lady Day

Inspired by the white gardenia she always wore in her hair, a luminous opening of lush green leaves, neroli blossom and sparkling bergamot lead to a velvet heart of creamy gardenia, jasmine petals and ylang ylang. Coffee flower adds a spicy nuance, and a warm, addictive base of coconut milk, sandalwood and vetiver provide the perfect finish to this intoxicating blend that is vibrant and full bodied, yet graceful and delicate. Just like Lady Day herself.

Image of Lady Day candle pictured on a White backgroundGold and White Lady Day candle with jasmine, coffee flower, coconut and sandalwood scents.  This candle has 2 wicks.  It is positioned next to its decorative box
"Lady Day" Luxury Candle Sale price$ 48.00
Lady Day Reed Diffuser
Lady Day Reed Diffuser Sale price$ 52.00
Our clear bottle of 4 oz Lady Day room spray with a gold top and the essence of white gardenia on a white background.
Our stunning Lady Day travel candle in a  gold metal tin.Gorgeous lifestyle image of the lit, 1 wick Lady Day 4 oz travel candle on top of a black and white harlem nights map and a black and white photograph of Billie Holiday.
Save $ 8.00Image of our Lady Day candle next to our Lady Day room spray.Lifestyle image of our Lady Day candle
Lady Day Candle + Room Spray Set Sale price$ 70.00 Regular price$ 78.00
Save $ 20.00This is an image of our Billy Perfume next to our Lady Day candle for our gardenia, bundle product image.Lifestyle image of the Lady Day candle on a beautiful table with flowers.
Gardenia Nights Bundle Sale price$ 168.00 Regular price$ 188.00
Save $ 10.00This is an image of our Lady Day candle and Diffuser bundle.
Lady Day Reed Diffuser and Candle Bundle Sale price$ 90.00 Regular price$ 100.00
Our “Lady Day” White Floral Ceramic Luxury Candle with lid on a white background.Our “Lady Day” White Floral Ceramic Luxury Candle with lid showing the back side of the vessel where Harlem Candle Co. is painted on the side.
Save $ 13.00This is an image of our Lady Day Ceramic luxury candle paired with our Lady Day room and linen spray
Lady Day Ceramic Luxury Candle + Room Spray Sale price$ 115.00 Regular price$ 128.00
Save $ 8.00This is an image of our Green Holiday candle with long matches and the wick trimmer and snuffer.Holiday green candle with the pine needles in the background.
Billie Holiday Gets Lit Bundle Sale price$ 95.00 Regular price$ 103.00