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Save $ 2.00This is a moving image that shows how the fully collapsable black and gold Harlem Candle Co gift box is assembled. This should be purchased with at least 2 to 3 11 oz candles.Gift box
Gift box Sale price$ 10.00 Regular price$ 12.00
Save $ 17.00Our 22K Gold Cocktail collection of three 12 oz candles. Our 12 oz Speakeasy 22K Cocktail with the H pattern etched in gold, our Savoy 12 oz candle and our Love Brought You Here James Baldwin Candle all 2 wick, side by side on a white background. In a black giftbox.This is a lifestyle image of our Love Brought You Here James Baldwin lit 12 oz 2 wick candle on a wooden side table with a black and white photograph of James Baldwin in the background.
22K Trio Set Gift Box Sale price$ 190.00 Regular price$ 207.00
Save $ 14.00This is our Harlem Speakeasy Celebration Gift Box which pictures all  four full size 12 oz candles featuring our Holiday, Speakeasy, Renaissance and Savoy scents, on a white background.A lifestyle image of our Green Holiday Candle sitting on a table with winter spruce leaves surrounding the candle, with pinecones.
Harlem Speakeasy Celebration Gift Box Sale price$ 190.00 Regular price$ 204.00
Save $ 14.00Harlem Icons Gift BoxLifestyle image of the Josephine candle, Langston candle and 22k Gold Savoy nightclub map candle all illuminated.
Harlem Icons Gift Box Sale price$ 190.00 Regular price$ 204.00
Save $ 21.00Our gorgeous custom Harlem Candle Co black gift box with the H pattern with theimages of our Holiday 12 oz 1 wick candle, our 4 oz Holiday Travel Tin, our 4 fl oz Holiday Room spray and our green glass Holiday Reed Diffuser sitting next to its decorative box.This is a moving image of our gorgeous black H pattern Harlem Candle Co box, showing how to put it together with its magnetic closures.  The contents in the box are the holiday candle, holiday diffuser, holiday room spray, and holiday, travel candle.
The Ultimate Holiday Gift Box Sale price$ 140.00 Regular price$ 161.00
Save $ 14.00This product image of our Renaissance Man gift box featuring our Langston, Speakeasy and Frederick candles with 1 wick.This is a lifestyle image of our Langston 1 wick candle
Harlem Renaissance Man Gift Box Sale price$ 142.00 Regular price$ 156.00
Save $ 10.00St. Nicholas, Vintage Garden and After Dark Candles pictured in front of the gift box they are packaged in.Lifestyle image of Vintage Garden. St. Nicholas and After Dark Candles illuminated.
Winter Nights Gift Box Sale price$ 146.00 Regular price$ 156.00
Save $ 6.00The Joy of Love Gift BoxLifestyle Image of our Joy candle
The Joy of Love Gift Box Sale price$ 112.00 Regular price$ 118.00
Image of our 4 Botanical Candles - Joy, Love, Home and Dream in front of the large gift the candles are packaged in.This is an image of our Joy candle in a lifestyle setting.
Save $ 15.00This is an image of our Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Box which includes the 11 oz Love candle, the Home travel candle, the Dream room spray and the Joy reed diffuser.  It come packaged in our luxury gift box.This is an image of our Love 11 oz candle in a lifestyle setting
Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Box Sale price$ 144.00 Regular price$ 159.00
Save $ 5.00Harlem Holiday Travel Gift Box
Harlem Holiday Travel Gift Box Sale price$ 65.00 Regular price$ 70.00
Save $ 12.00Set of all 4 Journals, Red Josephine, Cream Josephine, Nightclub Map Blue Journal, Black Jazz Journal in a giftbox.
Set of Journals with Gift Box Sale price$ 152.00 Regular price$ 164.00
This is an image of our Renaissance Stories gift box that includes the Renaissance candle, the black and gold Renaissance journal and our Black and Gold nightclub Map of Harlem matches.
Renaissance Stories Giftbox Sale price$ 113.00
Save $ 14.00Langston Candle + Blue Journal + Black/White H Pattern Matches + Langston 2ml + Gift Box
Langston’s Dreams Giftbox Sale price$ 99.00 Regular price$ 113.00
Save $ 14.00Lady Day Candle + White Journal + Gold White Nightclub Map + 2ml Billie + Gift Box
Lady Day’s Diary Giftbox Sale price$ 99.00 Regular price$ 113.00
Josephine Candle + Red Josephine Journal + Black and Red Matches + Gift Box