Harlem Candle Company

Gold Wick Trimmer and Candle Snuffer

$ 45

BACK with a Brand New Look!

Our wick trimmer and snuffer set makes for the perfect elegant addition to the home and an unforgettable gift.  Each tool features the Harlem Candle Co. etched on the sides with a timeless gold finish.

  • Set includes a wick trimmer and snuffer
  • Wick trimmer and snuffer are made of stainless steel

Wick trimmers are a must-have precision tool to properly care for your candle. Our  brass wick trimmers use a patented design that allows you to trim your wick and catch the debris with one snip.

You should trim your wick before you light your candle every single time and keep your candle free of debris, matches, and carbon deposits.

Candle snuffers are the perfect utensil to extinguish a candle by smothering the flame instead of blowing it out which is the best way to prevent flying sparks and spattering wax.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Shani N.
More than Esnuff

I love the cut, style and color of the trimmer and snuffer and how the snuffer extinguishes the candle with little to no smoke residue. The set provides a luxurious experience for the candle connoisseur.

Carrie C.
Gold Wick Trimmer and Candle Snuffer

Great products


I thoroughly enjoy using the tools. they are so elegant.

Judy B.
Dainty and cute

I'm so glad I purchased the Gold Wick Trimmer and Candle Snuffer they are both so cute and dainty. I no longer have to get scissors to trim my candles and I owned a snuffer previously but it was big and bulky. These two blend with the decor and look expensive even though they are not. The best purchase I made as well as the wonderfully scented candles I purchased. I recommend to anyone who loves candles as much as I to purchase both. I also absolutely love that the wick trimmer makes a clean cut which helps with a nice evenly burning candle.

Mylissa G.
Classy & Sassy

Think you don't require the use of a candle snuffer or wick trimmer? Think again, things go wrong sometimes if you don't trim your wicks, so I highly suggest. A good witch never blows out a candle & Mom should tell you the same thing! If you blow the wax gets all over the table, that's a shame...snuff it out & the energy retains. Blessed be Harlem Candle Company.

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