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Brand New

"Duke" Ceramic Candle

New Limited Edition Candles

"Nina" and "The Wiz"

For the 2024 Fragrance Foundation Awards

We're a finalist!

15 ml Perfume

Harlem Perfume Co. (NEW!)

15 ml Travel Perfumes

Langston eau de parfum

Harlem Perfume Co.

"Langston" Eau de Parfum

Harlem Perfume Co.

"Josephine" Eau de Parfum

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Set of 3 Candles

Choose from 13 of our best-sellers to create your personalized set of luxury candles inspired by the Harlem Renaissance.

$ 136.00 (Save $ 8.00)

Build a Set of 3

Build Your Own

Set of Travel Candles

Create your own customized set of best-selling travel candles inspired by the Harlem Renaissance.

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