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About Us

Founded in September 2014, the Harlem Candle Company was born in the home of travel and lifestyle expert Teri Johnson. So inspired by the fragrances she's experienced in the 66 countries she visited, Teri desired to create a sensory experience that could take people on a journey that inspires creativity, joy and love.   After making over a thousand candles in her kitchen, in less than one year, she collaborated with a world-renowned fragrance house, an award-wining chemist and fragrance industry veteran who are helping her position the Harlem Candle Company as a global brand. 

   Teri with perfume team at the Architectural Digest Design Show 

 Each candle is infused with fragrance notes that create a perfect harmony of top, middle and base notes that sing, dance and celebrate the old and new Harlem Renaissance. As a company, we value and pay homage to how Harlem has blessed the world with cultural luminaries, creative vision and style in the story of America.

 The Harlem Candle Company takes on the tradition of this cultural light, packaging this history into curated scents that continue the tradition of Harlem as the light of the world.  

Within each candle, you will find the enduring gifts of peace, love, abundance, creativity, and of course, light, intended to carry forth to the world over. May this treasure connect with you and enhance your journey forever. 

Our love note……

I, Harlem, am your muse. 

I have endowed you with culture and song that shall last for all of time, for I am abundant.  My hills have melted in your warm embrace and taken the shape of a candle. 

My streetlights became wicks that shine for love and prosperity.  The breezes of my seasons are expressed through scents.

I lovingly share my essence through a collection of fragranced candles, masterfully created to bring joy to one and all.

~The Harlem Candle Company

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