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Mother's Day Sale

Save $ 8.00Image of our Josephine Candle and Josephine room sprayLifestyle image of our Josephine Candle on top of a black and white image of Josephine Baker
Josephine Candle + Room Spray Set Sale price$ 70.00 Regular price$ 78.00
Save $ 8.00Frederick and Renaissance Candle BundleFrederick and Renaissance Candle Bundle
Frederick and Renaissance Candle Bundle Sale price$ 88.00 Regular price$ 96.00
Save $ 11.00Our 22K Gold Cocktail collection of three 12 oz candles.  Our 12 oz Speakeasy 22K Cocktail with the H pattern etched in gold, our Savoy 12 oz candle and our Love Brought You Here James Baldwin Candle all 2 wick, side by side on a white background.This is a lifestyle image of our Love Brought You Here James Baldwin lit 12 oz 2 wick candle on a wooden side table with a black and white photograph of James Baldwin in the background.
22k Gold Cocktail Glass Trio Set Sale price$ 184.00 Regular price$ 195.00
Save $ 10.00Our "Love" Black Floral Ceramic Candle paired with the Black Floral Art Deco inspired Elegant Matches on a white background. A lifestyle image of our "Love" Black Floral Ceramic Candle, the candle is lit on a white table with flowers and the lid next to the candle.
All You Need is "LOVE" Bundle Sale price$ 98.00 Regular price$ 108.00
Save $ 10.00This photo showcases our Amber "Savoy" diffuser, the 12-oz "Savoy" candle, and the "Savoy" room spray on a white background.
Savoy Lover Trio Sale price$ 120.00 Regular price$ 130.00
Save $ 15.00Image of the Speakeasy Ceramic Gold gift set with Harlem Candle Co branded Wick Trimmer and Candle Snuffer set.  The box also includes the gold and white Nightclub Map of Harlem matches.Image of the Speakeasy Ceramic gold candle with the Nightclub Map of Harlem
The Speakeasy Experience Gift Box Sale price$ 150.00 Regular price$ 165.00