Harlem Candle Company

"Speakeasy" Luxury Travel Candle 4 oz

$ 15

Our newest fragrance in the collection evokes the night, its mystery and forbidden touch…Speakeasy.

People would slip into hidden clubs, tucked behind storefronts. The thrill of the forbidden was unmatched—embodied by sensual flavors of vanilla and dark chocolate. The simple nod of a doorman would whisk you away to an unfamiliar world: dark, loud, pulsing with excitement.

Auras of palo santo, bourbon, and tobacco swirled the gambling tables where men rotated between cocktails and cigars. On the dance floor, perfumes of swaying women infused the air, creating a sweet elixir of licorice and plum blossom.

Top: Cardamom, Smoked Incense, Bourbon, Pimento berry
Middle: Saffron, Licorice, Plum blossom, Tobacco leaves
Base:  Palo santo, Patchouli, Vanilla, Dark chocolate

Volume: 4oz
Burn time: 20 hours


Customer Reviews

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Love this nice travel size. Hoping to get the whole collection once they come back in stock Dream Home Love as well as the Sprays


I was introduced to Harlem Candle Co. via the Klarna app in a category for Black-owned businesses. The style and descriptions of these luxury candles led me to try the travel sized Speakeasy and Baldwin Candles. The Speakeasy is clearly one of the best candles I have ever owned. The complex combination of scents is indicative of the scene spelled out on the website. You feel as if you were there. My entire family loves the candles from Harlem Candle Company and we will be buying more candles from them in the future.

Love it

I haven’t lit it yet, but the packaging is nice and it has a nice cold throw. I’m looking forward to purchasing more from you.


This is my new go to candle for a day of self care! Love the travel size.

Breathe easy with "Speakeasy".....

ANOTHER ONE *DJ Khaled Voice* I was stoked with Speakeasy was back in stock because I love to order the travel size of all Harlem Candle Co's candles to see if I will like the candle or not. As usual, Speakeasy did not disappoint! It is the PERFECT scent for fall...with notes of tobacco and bourbon, it transports you to the back of a darkened jazz club in Harlem when it was normal to go out for a night on the town...I've never been to a jazz club in Harlem, but if I had I would imagine this is what it would smell like: Woodsy, rich, smoky and delicious. If you are considering ordering this candle..do it now before it sells out again!!

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