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For Him

For Him

We have a collection of masculine fragrances that are mancave certified! 

Just read what our customer J had to say about Langston.... A Masterpiece of a Candle!

 "If there is such a thing as a "masterpiece candle", the Langston is it. The scent is absolutely exquisite! It has quickly become my default selection for nighttime reading and listening to music (I highly recommend playing Prince and/or Miles and/or Mingus while watching flames flicker over the Langston and inhaling its softly sophisticated notes of tobacco and leather and cocktails and night jazz played with muted trumpets in lofts.)

Save $ 12.00Set of all 4 Journals, Red Josephine, Cream Josephine, Nightclub Map Blue Journal, Black Jazz Journal in a giftbox.
Set of Journals with Gift Box Sale price$ 152.00 Regular price$ 164.00
Save $ 14.00This is an image of our Renaissance Stories gift box that includes the Renaissance candle, the black and gold Renaissance journal and our Black and Gold nightclub Map of Harlem matches.
Renaissance Stories Giftbox Sale price$ 99.00 Regular price$ 113.00
Save $ 16.95Lady Day Candle + White Journal + Gold White Nightclub Map + 2ml Billie + Gift Box
Lady Day’s Diary Giftbox Sale price$ 96.05 Regular price$ 113.00
Save $ 14.00Langston Candle + Blue Journal + Black/White H Pattern Matches + Langston 2ml + Gift Box
Langston’s Dreams Giftbox Sale price$ 99.00 Regular price$ 113.00