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Article: NBC News Select

NBC News Select

How shoppers can support the Fifteen Percent Pledge

We broke down how shoppers can join the Fifteen Percent Pledge alongside retailers, and which companies have committed to it since it was founded.




"Black products are not just for Black people. Black products are for everyone."



There are two main branches of the Fifteen Percent Pledge, Williams-Belfort explained.

  1. The retailer commitment: Companies dedicate shelf space to Black-owned brands.
  2. The consumer commitment: Shoppers buy those products.

The two commitments are linked and bolster each other, Williams-Belfort said, as consumer behavior encourages retailers to invest more in Black businesses.


Macy’s joined the Fifteen Percent Pledge in November 2020. Since making the commitment, the retailer says it now carries five times the number of Black-owned brands compared to 2020. You can browse all of the Black-owned brands Macy’s carries on its site.

Harlem Candle Co. is one of the many Black-owned home goods brands Macy’s carries, and we featured the brand in our guide to Black-owned businesses. The brand offers candles in a variety of fragrances, including Speakeasy, which the brand says includes hints of palo santo and bourbon scents. This candle also comes in a version that boasts a 22K gold decoration on the outside of the glass.


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