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Homes & Gardens: I lived with Oprah's favorite candle for a week – my thoughts as a master perfumer

Written by: Harlem Candle Co.



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Excerpt from Homes & Gardens

(read the full article here):

"Oprah's Favorite Things list launched last week. It's packed full of appliances, gifts, and foods which we love, but one item really stood out to me. In the middle of Oprah's 'cozy gifts' section sits Harlem Candle Co's Purple Love candle.

If you care about candles, you'll have come across Harlem Candle Co's products. They've been shining luxury light on the candle industry since 2014. We've had their Speakeasy candle in our buying guide for best candles since I first smelt it, so when I saw Purple Love on Oprah's list, I had to try it.

I trained as a Master Perfumer in 2020 and before that worked in the luxury fragrance industry for over five years. My candle collection is expansive and obsessive, so Purple Love had to do something special to impress me. But I have to admit: since I first lit the wicks, I've been obsessed. I'd buy it for myself, my mom, and my girlfriends, but it doesn't have universal appeal. Here's everything you need to know about it."