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Article: Our Favorite Floral Scented Candles: The Harlem Botanical Collection

Our Favorite Floral Scented Candles: The Harlem Botanical Collection

Choosing a new floral scented candle can be a challenge. There are many different kinds of floral fragrances that suit a variety of palettes and preferences. 

In fact, there's so many that it's impractical to try them all. So we wrote this article to introduce you to our favorite floral scented candles from our Harlem Botanical Collection in the hopes that you'll find one that's perfect for you.

Last month, we restocked our popular "Home," "Love," and "Dream" luxury candles, and we're excited to introduce the newest member of the collection, “Joy." Read on to learn about each of these unique floral scents!

What's In a Floral Scent?

A floral scent is made up of organic compounds called VOCs that are emitted by flower petals and sometimes other parts as well. 

In nature, the purpose of floral scents is to deter herbivores and insects while attracting pollinators to flowers. The scent serves as a sign to help pollinators decide where to land. In the fragrance industry, the purpose of floral scents is to evoke feelings of warmth, love, joy, and happiness. 

There are a large quantity of floral scents, each having its own unique traits. They range from soft scents, like violet and lavender, to strong scents, like jasmine.  

While the easily recognizable floral fragrance family was traditionally considered “feminine”, floral scents are a suitable option for anyone, regardless of gender. 

They also bring various physiological benefits as well. For example, the scent of jasmine and its relationship to mood were examined in a 2010 study, which found that jasmine made people feel “more alert and more vigorous."

One reason why we love floral scents so much is because they pair so nicely with other aromas. Hints of spice can be added to floral aromas to create warmth, fruity scents can be added to floral aromas to create a juicy quality, etc. 

Here are some of our favorite floral scented candles to help fill your home with an atmosphere of love, joy, and happiness.

The "Home" Luxury Candle   

Our “Home” candle stands out from the other members of the collection in the way that it's fragrance evokes warm, nostalgic feelings. 

It might take you through fond memories of visiting your parents or grandparents in your childhood neighborhood. Getting to visit loved ones in the place that you grew up can provide a sense of inner peace that’s hard to find in everyday life. 

The “Home” candle brings that feeling to you, no matter how far from your loved ones you might be. 

If you're looking for gift ideas, "Home" is the perfect candle for the person that values quality alone time. They are introverted, thoughtful, smart, and soft-spoken. On weekends, they prefer to spend time with their family and a few close friends, rather than loud social settings. 


Our “Love” candle blends together both feminine and masculine accords to create a magically romantic atmosphere. 

Place this candle on the bookshelf next to your worn-in armchair and when you first light it, watery green top notes enter the space and invite you to open your favorite book of poems. 

The crisp, familiar scent of brand new pages beckons you and pairs nicely with the “Love” candle’s Rose de Mai heart note. And as you savor each poem, time seems to stop and the scent of sandalwood swirls around you. 

Based on the passionate, Harlem-born writer, James Baldwin, the “Love” candle makes a lovely gift for poetry enthusiasts. These individuals are caring, in-touch with their emotions, outgoing, and talkative. They can recite their favorite poems from memory, and they are avid readers. 


Great achievements stem from passionate minds, and our “Dream” candle helps provide that perfect atmosphere for dreamers to create and problem solve.  

When lit beside a bedside table, the lavender and bergamot top notes of this candle set the mood for a serene nighttime routine. 

A warm heart of jasmine aids dreamers to think big as they reflect on the day they had and write their future hopes and goals down in their journal. The grounding scent of amber provides a sense of safety as the dreamer extinguishes the candle flame and drifts off into a deep sleep. 

This candle is for all of the aspiring entrepreneurs out there, who are ambitious, confident, goal-oriented, and type A. If you're the type of person that loves the feeling of marking items on their to-do list as complete, you'll love the captivating floral scents in “Dream."   


The aroma of our “Joy” candle is so refreshing that even if you’re having a bad day, you can’t help but smile at its lush floral fragrance. 

It's like hearing a good joke has when you’re feeling upset. You try to stay angry and sad, but the joke is so funny you can’t help but laugh. Before you know it, your mood has completely shifted. 

Put the joy candle on your office desk while you work. An earthy aroma of sage will give a touch of wilderness to your otherwise dull work atmosphere.

The scent of jasmine petals and rosemary creates a warmth that makes a long day of sitting in an office chair a little more bearable for those with an adventurous soul. As notes of cedarwood and amber permeates your space, you can’t help but feel happy and present. 

Only the aroma of “Joy” could make the work day feel like an adventure.