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“These candles are fantastic! I meditate and pray daily and they set the scene."

~ Tanya Wright

Actress, Orange is the New Black

"I gave Harlem Candle Company gift sets to all my clients this year for the holidays and everyone loved them!! The Harlem Candle Company offers unique scents, luxurious packaging and beautiful stories celebrating the heritage of Harlem."

~ Sheila Marmon

Founder, Mirror Digital

"I burn my Lenox Candle daily! I love my Harlem Candles. The fragrances are so very unique. I can feel Teri's love and passion burning through them. As a spiritual teacher and life coach, I spend a lot of time writing, praying and meditating and these candles have inspired some of my best work!"

~ Shanel Cooper Sykes

Life Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker

Transported through time by intoxicating scents and glow, these candles celebrate all that is and forever has been, Harlem.

~ Suzanne Grinberg

Fragrance Blogger, Founder of Nezbar

"As a man who cares about his personal style and scent, the Harlem Candle Company fragrances and design embody everything I love." —

~ Joseph Quinones

"Lighting one of my Harlem Candles is the epitome of decadence for me. I do it daily." —

~ Yvonne Parks

"One of the first things I ordered for my new home were my Harlem Candles! They add the perfect blend of luxury, style and fragrance!"

~ Erica R.

"thrilled to receive the most #amazing #ellington candle from @HarlemCandles as part of our new condo welcome kit!" —

~ Stephen Covello

"Our customers absolutely LOVE The Harlem Candle Company! The collection is the perfect fusion of the sultry spirit of Harlem with luxurious layered fragrances."

~TaraSimone Powell

Owner of Barbara's Flowers

"I think Savoy is the best smelling candle I've ever smelled." —

~ Lindsey Myers

"I love coming home after a long day to burn my Harlem candles. The harmonious balance of the different fragrances yields the perfect scent! The best thing about them is that you can burn them for hours and the scent never loses its integrity."

~ Sohad Gonzalez

"Candles inspired by the Harlem Renaissance, genius! I love the art, music and style of this era. Thank you for being thoughtful while paying homage to jazz greats."

~ Chip Noble

"I found this brand at a local market in Harlem and instantly fell in love with the Renaissance. I can't wait to get my hands on the Josephine for my mother! Great stuff!"

~ Timothy George

CEO, eLo Lipcare

"After a long day, I love coming home to light my Josephine candle from The Harlem Candle Company. Smooth tunes and the tantalizing aroma of Josephine is all I need to help me relax and appreciate life."

~ Daniel Calderon

Co-Founder, Four Thirty Agency

“The Harlem Candle Company has done a brilliant job at creating an elegant and luxurious brand that really captures the essence of the Harlem Renaissance.”

~ Mike James

Founder, Frederick Benjamin

"Like music, the top, middle, and base notes of each Harlem candle tells a story while taking you on an olfactory journey through time and place. Drawing on inspiration from legends like Duke Ellington and Billie Holiday, the subtle scents and soft glows from Harlem candles instantly enhance your space while creating a sense of comfort and luxury."

~ Teri Johnson

Founder, Harlem Candle Company