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Article: The Root

The Root

The Root

Wrapping Paper Roll Call: This Year, There's No Place [but] Home for the Holidays

It may not feel much like it this year, but in case the hanging of wreaths and Christmas lights didn’t tip you off, it’s once again the holiday season—in fact, we’re almost a week away from Thanksgiving, which means we’re just over five from Christmas. We know without the promise of family and friends, it’s a lot less festive this year—“doin’ it for the ‘gram” takes on an entirely different meaning when you can’t actually spend time with Gram and Pops. While we can’t endorse get-togethers in this COVID-covered climate, if you’re lucky enough to be in a gift-giving capacity this year, we are once again here to assist.


Harlem Candle Company

There’s a reason candles are the most popular gift of this and every season—they provide instant ambiance and it’s hard to go wrong. However, all candles aren’t created equal, and when it comes to gift-giving, we want to give to the best. Harlem Candle Company celebrates the rich legacy of some of our brightest luminaries...literally. Josephine Baker, James Baldwin, and Langston Hughes have all earned a place of honor on these luxury candles, some of which boast 22-karat gold gilded glass housing the lushly layered scents. For the candle connoisseur, we suggest the Ultimate Luxury Candle Gift Box, featuring four 12-ounce candles in a reusable box printed with the 1932 “Night Club Map of Harlem,” on sale now.


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