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Huffington Post

Saving Your Scented Candles For A Good Day Is A Bad Idea. Let Us Explain

Written by: Harlem Candle Co.



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Excerpt from Huffington Post

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Look, candles can be expensive, I know. You may have just a few, or maybe you’re like me and are the sole hoarder of candles in your home. Candles for Spring? Yep. Candles for Autumn? Absolutely. Candles for the holiday season? You got that right.

But what if I were to tell you not actively burning your candles might be a bad thing? According to Harlem Candle Company, scent degradation can happen even when not burning them.

“Scent degradation is when an unlit candle gradually loses its original fragrance,” They explain. “This happens because molecules of fragrance oil are slowly but constantly evaporating from the wax into the air, even when the candle isn’t burning.”

But don’t worry, scent degradation happens very gradually, and takes at least six months to a year for it to become even noticeable. The bad news is if you have a candle that hasn’t been used in a while – it probably won’t smell how you want it to.