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Harlem and the Hustle: How Harlem Candle and Perfume Co. Capture the Ghosts of a Renaissance

Written by: Harlem Candle Co.



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Excerpt from Fragrantica

(read the full article here):

"When I speak to Teri Johnson, founder of Harlem Candle Co., which grew into Harlem Perfume Co, I ask her if she could describe all of Harlem Co.’s scents as a whole. She doesn’t miss a beat in saying, 'Evocative.'

'… I really want people to feel like they've been transported to a Speakeasy, or to the boudoir of Josephine Baker. I want them to feel like they can escape to a different time, to a different place, to feel elegant. These fragrances really give a very elegant, elevated feeling in a space.'

According to Harlem Candle Co., Josephine’s boudoir smells like scandalous white floral sprinkled with an equally musky rose. The amber note in this is described as “liquid amber,” and it indeed does smell dripping – sweet, flourishing musks can be smelled even through the candle’s box - syrupy, golden sensuality drizzled everywhere. This is one of the sexiest candles I’ve ever smelled, but you have to be ok with florals."