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Article: Elite Daily

Elite Daily

Elite Daily

These 2020 Holiday Candles Have All The Cozy Winter Vibes & Scents-ations

There's never been a better time than the holidays to add a few spiced cider and peppermint-scented candles to your current stash. Between the chilly, winter temperatures and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, most of your time is spent at home. It's only right that you create cozy vibes in your space with the help of 2020 holiday candles that glow as bright as the stars and smell like the most wonderful time of the year.    

1. This Candle That's Inspired By Billie Holiday

"Holiday" Luxury Travel Candle, $15 from the Harlem Candle Company
When you're sitting by a fireplace reading a romance book in the middle of winter, your life may feel pretty luxurious. Add this candle ($15, Harlem Candle Co.) that's inspired by jazz singer Billie Holiday and her perfume, to the scene, and it'll instantly feel next level. In fact, you may even feel like an iconic performer yourself, and feel motivated to sing holiday songs into a wooden spoon.