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25 Things From Black-Owned Businesses That Deserve A Permanent Spot In Your Home

Written by: Harlem Candle Co.



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Excerpt from Buzzfeed

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"2. Or a "Frederick" candle from Harlem Candle Company, which pays tribute to Frederick Douglass — the scent is inspired by the orangery garden where he grew up. It has fragrance notes of smoked yuzu, ginger blossom, and suede. Plus, it comes in a beautiful glass jar that can be used afterward as a cocktail glass or vase. Lit scented candle on trayHarlem Candle CompanyThis is a Black woman-owned company founded in 2014 by Teri Johnson to help embody her love of jazz music and Harlem. 

Here's what my colleague Sally Elshorafa says about her candles from Harlem Candle Company: 
'The soy vegetable wax blend candles are made with one-of-a-kind fragrance oils. I recently burned through a tin of the Holiday scent and it lasted SO much longer than other candle tins of that size. I'm currently on the Speakeasy candle that smells incredibly luxurious and rich. If I'm awake and in my apartment, a candle is lit. But I think I'll ration the Speakeasy beaut to keep it around even longer.'

Featured Product: Frederick Luxury Candle