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Article: 21 Ninety

Black-owned Winter Self-Care Essentials For Black Women

By Brittni Williams   |   January 19, 2023

(Excerpt below; read the full article here)


“Speakeasy” Harlem Map Ceramic Luxury Candle

Transport to a different time with the “Speakeasy” Harlem Map Ceramic Luxury Candle from Harlem Candle Company. 

Featuring notes of vanilla and chocolate, this candle is a reminder of the once hidden clubs tucked away behind storefronts. As an an ode to the speakeasies, nightclubs, and musicians during the roaring 1920s-30s era, enjoy the scent of the palo santo and tobacco that filled the casinos. You can also smell notes of the intoxicating blend of licorice and plum blossom that wafted across the danceroom.

The candle is encased in a dazzling white and gold ceramic vessel with the iconic illustration of E. Simms Campbell’s 1932 “Nightclub Map of Harlem,” making it both functional and stylish.