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Article: Gift Guide: The Perfect Mother’s Day Candles for 6 Types of Moms

Gift Guide: The Perfect Mother’s Day Candles for 6 Types of Moms

For Mother's Day this year, consider getting Mom an elegant luxury candle that suits her unique personality. Here are 6 curated recommendations for 6 types of amazing moms in 2022. 

And if Mom doesn't quite fit into any of the categories below, check out our new Scent Recommendation Quiz, which analyzes her preferences and personality to recommend a candle that she's sure to love!

1. The Trendy Mom

The trendy mom is always up to date with the latest dos and don’ts in parenting, fashion, and lifestyle. She wouldn’t be caught dead wearing the wrong color for the season, and she's compelled to update her home decor quarterly. This is a mom with a knack for stitching a personalized quilt for each relative at Christmas. The trendy mom is perceptive, creative, and bold. 

Show your trendy mom you appreciate her trendiness with our new "The Renaissance" Luxury Candle

Paying homage to the prolific 1920s and 30s in Harlem, the fragrance of "The Renaissance" is reminiscent of the artistic, social, and cultural shift that was made possible by the innovative thinkers and icons of that time. Its bold yet delicate scent is perfect for those that love being at the forefront of their generation. 

2. The Yoga Mom 

This is the mom that’s hard to schedule with because she’s at the yoga studio 4 times a week.  She keeps a massive, water-hyacinth basket of yoga mats in the living room, and it’s likely that you'll catch her in the middle of a sunset salutation whenever you visit her. The yoga mom is grounded, peaceful, active, and flexible. 

Make your yoga mom’s day by gifting her the "Ellington" Luxury Candle

The transformative jazz music of Duke Ellington inspired the creation of this spicy aroma. With a heart note of lavender, the irresistible scent creates an atmosphere of blissful tranquility that's perfect for those who spend the majority of their time meditating and moving on a mat. 

3. The Super Mom

She manages to make the balancing act of working, raising kids, and running a household seem effortless. This is the type of mom who not only brings snacks for her kids at the soccer game, but for the entire team. The super mom is dependable, charismatic, protective, and energetic. 

The "Josephine" Luxury Candle is the perfect choice for super moms who always go the extra mile for their loved ones. 

A super mom herself, Josephine Baker adopted 12 children from around the world in a humanitarian effort to promote racial harmony and childhood advocacy. Her large, multicultural family eventually came to be known as the "Rainbow Tribe."

4. The Activist Mom

The activist mom stays up to date on the latest issues and always defends her family and her ideals. She attends town hall meetings, brings homemade signs to marches and protests, and volunteers her time to help out at school and in the community. Fiercely passionate, this is the mom that fights for what she believes in. Activist moms are independent, opinionated, deeply caring, and insightful. 

With a delightfully fruity aroma that is sure to lift spirits, the "Frederick" Luxury Candle is a fitting choice to gift moms who fight for a higher cause. 

Frederick Douglas, the former slave that rose up to become a renowned abolitionist and activist for women's rights, was the source of inspiration for this lovely fragrance. It pays loving tribute to a brave and charismatic leader who passionately followed his dream of a world of freedom for all. 

5. The Mom Who Loves Gardenias

This special kind of mom is happiest when a fresh bouquet of luscious white flowers is on display atop her clean kitchen table. Gardenias fill the backyard, sit in the windows, and cover the front porch. Fresh florals make your mother feel joyous, and her cheerful energy is infectious to everyone that visits the house. She is feminine, detail-oriented, observant, and lively. 

If your mom is simply obsessed with flowers and gardenias, she'll love the "Lady Day" White Floral Ceramic Luxury Candle.

This candle was inspired by Billie Holiday’s trademark hairstyle: a garland of gardenias. The fresh aroma of gardenia paired with citrus-scented neroli is sure to lull your mom into a glorious state of calmness and inner peace.

6. The Mom That’s Obsessed with Romance Novels

She’s typically cozied up by candlelight reading a Charlotte Brontë novel. However, the fairy tale love story doesn’t stop once she closes her book. This mom chooses to romanticize life, and makes daily mundane tasks feel magical. A lovely Ella Fitzgerald record is played as dinner cooks, a warm fire crackles in the fireplace whenever possible, and she always has exquisite candles burning. This mom is sweet, intelligent, vivacious, and charming. 

The "Love" 22k Gold Luxury Candle is an impeccable option for the helpless romantic. 

This limited-edition candle features the quote "Love Brought You Here" by James Baldwin from the novel and film If Beale Street Could Talk, and represents the dramatic romantic theme with both masculine and feminine accords melding beautifully together. Notes of rose and Sandalwood create a sultry atmosphere fit for dreamers. 

Another amazing gift option for the romantic mom is the "Speakeasy" Luxury Candle

This intoxicating fragrance features sensual notes of palo santo and bourbon. Inspired by Harlem's forbidden nightclubs during prohibition, the "Speakeasy" evokes the thrilling and nostalgic feelings of dancing with a sweetheart late into the night.