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Article: How to Wrap a Candle: The Classic Pleat

How to Wrap a Candle: The Classic Pleat

Thinking about wrapping up a beautiful luxury candle as a gift for someone special? We’ve got you covered with an elegant wrapping method — the classic pleat. 

This style of wrapping has a unique triangular fold at the base of the candle that gives it a classic pleat effect. What looks like something that must have been wrapped professionally, is actually quite simple to achieve.

You can use the classic pleat to wrap cylindrical items, and the end result looks gorgeous. The crisp, tight wrapping is perfect when gifting a candle for a mother, father, sweetheart, or friend. 

What You'll Need


  • Wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Stickers (optional)


It’s easier to wrap a round object with wrapping paper than tissue paper or cardstock. If you’re just starting out on your wrapping journey, we recommend giving this design a try, because the paper is easy to work with. 

You can find beautifully designed wrapping paper basically anywhere. Stores like Target, Michaels, and the Dollar Tree have great affordable options. If you really want to make an event out of it, check out Paper Source. They have gorgeous, colorful wrapping paper rolls for every occasion. 

Step 1

Place half of the candle base diameter at the edge of the wrapping paper. Pull the wrapping paper upwards until it spans the height of the candle + half of the candle top diameter, and mark with pencil. Cut a straight line at the marking. 

Horizontally, wrap the paper fully around the candle, and mark an extra 1 cm of excess paper. Cut a straight line at the marking. 

Step 2

Roll your wrapping paper around the candle and secure it with tape.

Step 3

Starting at the base of the candle, fold the two halves of wrapping paper that meet in opposing 1 inch, diagonal lines. This should create an arrow shape.

Step 4

Starting with one of the diagonal edges you just created, fold the wrapping paper down towards the center of the candle base. This should create a triangular shape. 

Repeat this motion along the entire bottom surface until you’ve covered the entire base of the candle. Secure it with a sticker or a piece of tape at the center.

Step 5

Repeat Step 4 along the top surface of the candle and secure it with a sticker or tape.

If your candle doesn’t have a lid, this can be a bit tricky. You can make it easier by covering the surface of the candle with a thick piece of paper.

And You're Done!

We hope you give this wrapping method a try. Don't worry if it doesn't look quite right on your first attempt — practice makes perfect. 

And if you're still looking for a gift, don't forget to check out our collection of beautiful luxury candles from the Harlem Candle Company. Each one is filled with elegant and nostalgic fragrances inspired by stories and historical icons of the Harlem Renaissance. Happy gifting!