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Valentine's Day Gift Set: 12 oz Candle + Luxury Room Spray

Celebrate Valentine's day with our 12 oz Candle + Room Spray gift set

Feel free to Mix & Match!

Choose from our 12 oz luxury candles:

    • Ellington - Essence of Vibrant Woods
    • Josephine - Essence of Opulent Amber
    • Holiday - Essence of Winter Spruce
    • Langston - Essence of Tobacco and Amber
    • Renaissance - Essence of Woods and Floral Musk 
    • Savoy - Essence of Tropical Enchantment
    • Lenox - Essence of Seductive Flowers (will ship week of Feb. 12)
    • Sugar Hill - Essence of Sparkling Citrus (will ship week of Feb. 12) 

Our new room sprays should be used to make your space more vibrant and lively.  Use our spray on your curtains, bed linen and pillows.   Spray at least 12 inches away from fabric.

Room sprays available in:

All gift sets come packaged a white box with our gold label. 

*while supplies last

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