Harlem Candle Company

TRAVEL CONNOISSEUR - Set of 4 travel candles

$ 48 $ 56

The Harlem luxury travel candle is the perfect item to take your luxury lifestyle anywhere.  Whether you're in your office, at home, or anywhere around the world, you can experience the love and inspiration each of these one of a kind fragrances gives.

Included: Four travel size candles

Choose from the following in the collection:

Holiday - Essence of Winter Spruce 
Sugar Hill - Essence of Sparkling Citrus
Renaissance - Essence of Woods & Floral Musk
Josephine - Essence of Opulent Amber
Lenox - Essence of Seductive Flowers
Savoy - Essence of Tropical Enchantment
Ellington- Essence of Vibrant Woods
Langston - Essence of Tobacco & Amber


Total burn time = 80 hours


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