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Luxe Candle Gift Set 12oz + Travel Size (Mix it up!)

Give your loved one a special Harlem luxury candle with a travel size candle to match.  Perfect for jet setters and anyone who loves to create a luxury ambiance wherever they go.

12 oz glass candle + 4oz travel candle

Total burn time = 100 hours

Specify which scent(s) you'd like included.  Feel free to mix and match.

Ellington - Essence of Vibrant Woods
Lenox - Essence of Seductive Flowers
Holiday - Essence of Winter Spruce
Renaissance - Essence of Woods and Floral Musk
Savoy - Essence of Tropical Enchantment
Sugar Hill - Essence of Sparkling Citrus
Josephine - Essence of Opulent Amber

Collections: $24 - $50

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