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"Sugar Hill" luxury travel candle 4 oz

$ 17

Like the spirited neighborhood that inspires it, Sugar Hill reflects the ‘sweet life’ fostered by the Harlem Renaissance and that still remains an invigorating force today. A burst of fresh and sunny notes of Buddha's hand lemon and bergamot mingle with delicate orange flower, bright neroli and crisp lavender, tempered by honeyed vanilla and crystallized sugar for a deliciously sweet ending.

Top:  Citrus, Orange Flower
Mid: Buddha Hand Lemon
Bottom: Lavender, Vanilla
Volume: 4oz
Burn time: 20 hours

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great Scent

This is a really fragrant and delicious spring scent. It’s the perfect candle to burn as the weather gets warmer. Fresh and sweet at the same time!

Phyllis J.
One of the Beat Gifts

I was unsure what scent to buy so I tried 3 of the travel sizes (Sugar Hill, Langston and Ellington) and all 3 were a hit!! My boyfriend loves all of them.

Kailee G.
Sugar Hill is a taste of the sweet life

I ordered 4 travel sized candles (Ellington, Speakeasy, Sugar Hill, and Savoy) because I honestly didn't know how to pick just one. And I still can't pick a favorite of the bunch! I love them all for very different reasons and for different moods. Sugar Hill is so crisp, bright, and refreshing. It's the first bite into a Granny Smith apple, the first breath of a chilly spring morning, and the first sip of a mimosa all rolled into one. It is uplifting and energizing yet peaceful all at once.

Traci B.
Soft Citrus Aroma

I enjoyed the soft citrus aroma of the Sugar Hill candle. It's aroma added to the comforting vibe of my bedroom.

Joseph R.
Cool Vibes

Like a 1987 jam session on 125th and Convent right after eating some greens at MG diner.

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