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"Baldwin" luxury travel candle 4 oz

$ 17

Boldly emotional and clairvoyantly perceptive, James Baldwin traversed the globe from Harlem to Provence in search of the idea and feeling of love. He was in love with love and craved the power of it, the pain, the euphoria it could produce. He was fascinated by the way love could joyfully bring people together.

Our BALDWIN fragrance represents a dramatic romantic theme with both masculine and feminine accords melding beautifully together. An ethereal, fresh opening of crisp apple and watery green notes evolves with an unexpected nuance of aromatic elemi and spicy clove.

The sensual heart of lush rose celebrates Baldwin’s deep affection for his garden in St. Paul de Vence, while a base of smoky sandalwood brings warmth and depth to this enigmatic and highly personal blend.

Top: Watery green notes, elemi, apple, clove
Middle: Rose de Mai
Base: Sandalwood

Volume: 4oz
Burn time: 20 hours

Customer Reviews

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Alexandra S.
A Strong Rose

The rose scent is a celebration of Baldwin’s affection for his garden in St. Paul de Vence, and there is certainly no denying this is a rose candle. Even the small tin is a *strong* thrower, who announces herself the second you take off the lid. It is a warm, honeyed rose. I get a little bit of the apple at the end, but my nose does not pick up the other distinct scent notes.

For someone who used to avoid #rose candles with a ten-foot pole, they have become a pretty regular feature in my life lately. One particular thing which interests me is how different the various varietals can smell. This candle features rose de mai, distinct for its subtle honey and green notes.

I would confidently buy Baldwin for the rose fan in your life. Unfortunately, this is not a rebuy for me; I need my rose scents to be heavily balanced by something else. I have no complaints about the candle’s performance and am looking forward to burning my other 4oz tins.

Harold S.
Baldwin Candle Is Amazing

I purchased the small travel candles to get a feel of them before I purchase the larger ones and the Baldwin candle is amazing. I haven't even burned it yet and it gives off a great scent that fills up my office. I'm definitely buying the bigger one. You can't go wrong by purchasing it!

Priscilla F.
Great Christmas Gift

Love this candle gave them as christmas gift to my family

Sarah M.
So lovely

I love this one. It’s very rose-y but there’s also more depth to it than that. Such a cozy scent.

Lori F.
Baldwin Scent is Amazing

Another home run for Harlem Candle Co with the Baldwin scent. Warm scent with hints of apple & rose transports me to a garden in my mind. Travel size is an excellent way to try out the different scents & still have 20 hours of burn time. Delicious fragrance!

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