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22K Gold Speakeasy Cocktail glass luxury candle

$ 65

Our newest fragrance in the collection evokes the night, its mystery and forbidden touch…Speakeasy.

People would slip into hidden clubs, tucked behind storefronts. The thrill of the forbidden was unmatched—embodied by sensual flavors of vanilla and dark chocolate. The simple nod of a doorman would whisk you away to an unfamiliar world: dark, loud, pulsing with excitement.

Auras of palo santo and tobacco swirled the gambling tables where men rotated between cocktails and cigars. On the dancefloor, perfumes of swaying women infused the air, creating a sweet elixir of licorice and plum blossom.

Top: Cardamom, Smoked Incense, Pimento berry
Middle: Saffron, Licorice, Plum blossom, Tobacco leaves
Base:  Palo santo, Patchouli, Vanilla, Dark chocolate

Volume: 12oz
Diameter: 3.25 in
Height: 4.25 in

Burn time: 80 hours


Customer Reviews

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Great candle

Got this candle as a gift for my girlfriends mom and she loved it. Everyone loved it, going to get one for my gf and own mom as well now.

Love this!

I purchased the 22K Gold Speakeasy candle as part of a special birthday gift for a very special friend - one who loves speakeasies and bourbon, so this was right on target! The scent is sultry and the glass is beautiful - thanks for posting the YouTube video for repurposing it for cocktails.

Wonderful candles in every way

I’ve purchased many high-end candles.I have honed my requirements to beautiful container That is reusable in some fashion because it is so cool, and a beautiful aroma. These candles deliver that and more. The scents are complex And long lasting but not overpowering. I love the history behind them and the gold plated Candles that can be reused As cocktail glasses so cool. I’ve purchased three so far And have my eyes on another one. Wonderful candles

Speakeasy Candle - Amazing Scent

The Speakeasy candle might be the best candle I’ve ever smelled. The scent is so unique, I can’t stop picking it up to take a whiff. Love the two wicks as well and the container is gorgeous.

Sabrina N.
22K Gold Speakeasy Cocktail Glass Candle

Speakeasy speaks for itself! This candle is a warm and cozy scent. The epitome of elegance and luxury. What makes the scent even better is the look of the glass which the candle dwells in. I love the glass and candle scent. It brings me to a place of sensual meets warm and cozy. I love it!

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