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The 20 best candle brands of 2024: Where to buy candles

Written by: Harlem Candle Co.



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Excerpt from Business Insider

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"Harlem Candle Company's signature 12-ounce candles burn for up to 80 hours in opulently designed glass vessels, but what sets them apart are the accompanying backstories. Harlem Candle Company is the brainchild of lifestyle and travel expert Teri Johnson. Each one is named for a historical spot and person with ties to Harlem, where the candles are also made.

For example, the Savoy candle highlights the iconic Savoy Ballroom, evoking a glitzy nightlife scene via rich notes of blackcurrant, Mandarin, green apple, and juicy pear, along with Lily of the Valley, jasmine petals, and sandalwood. The Ellington candle pays homage to the jazz legend Duke Ellington with scents of bergamot, cinnamon, sage, lavender, crystalline amber, and more."