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Article: Real Simple

The 18 Best Reed Diffusers of 2023 to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

By Hannah Baker   |   January 31, 2023

(Excerpt below; read the full article here)

Harlem Candle Co. Speakeasy Diffuser

Who it’s for: People who want a reed diffuser with a warm and spicy scent. 

Who it isn’t for: People who prefer sweet fragrances. 

With notes of palo santo and bourbon, this diffuser is meant to conjure up the feeling of being in a speakeasy. It also has hints of dark chocolate and plum blossom to round out the woody, earthy scent. The glass apothecary-style bottle matches the speakeasy vibe, making it a great choice for a bar area, living room, or even a bathroom. We also like that the label is high-quality and more of plaque rather than just a sticker, which means that even after the diffuser is done you could easily reuse the bottle and keep it on display. 

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