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Why Gabrielle Union Is Gifting Quality Time and Candles This Holiday Season 


Even though this year’s holidays will be different for a lot of families because of COVID-19, Gabrielle Union and her family are used to celebrating in a non-traditional, flexible way. Due to her NBA championship-winning husband Dwyane Wade‘s schedule, they would celebrate around his work before he retired from the Miami Heat in 2019. “We’re winging it like we do every year. As long as there’s a glazed ham and some singing, we’re straight,” she told in a recent interview.

There is one consistent theme this year, though: Quality time.


What about your favorite purchases?

For fun? For momma–I love supporting black-owned companies, like The Harlem Candle Company. Researching different black-owned companies, and going down the rabbithole, I’ve bought so many candles from The Harlem Candle Company. Once you hear about the owners and their journey–the owner, her name is Teri Johnson, she created The Harlem Candle Company–and I was like “oh girl I’m all in,” and I have bought all of the candles. Different rooms in our house kind of compete. I’m obsessed with the Dream candle. I’m probably going to have candles forever. I may have to regift them.


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