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Article: Into The Gloss

Into The Gloss

The Fall Candle Edit

Fact: fall is the best time for candles. You’re more apt to be indoors, lighting something warm and molten as temperatures drop. But beyond the logistics, it’s also a scent thing. It’s hard to go wrong when there is nothing wrong with the classic profiles: cinnamon, cardamom, cedar, sage. Even the cheap, cheesy, obvious ones are great! So cozy. So comforting. So nostalgically tied to the idea of fall that staying in and burning one can make you think the leaves outside are crunchier and the sweaters more expensive. That being said… something being unwaveringly good doesn’t mean there’s no room for great. So, with greatness in mind, ITG’s editors set out to find the candles that riff off of and actually improve upon the classics. What we found didn’t fall short: a little more nuanced, a little more elevated, a true delight to treat yourself to. Below, what we’ll be burning for the next few months.

Harlem Candle Co. Speakeasy

What they say: “The thrill of the forbidden, embodied by sensual flavors of vanilla and dark chocolate, palo santo and tobacco”

What we say: This candle smells way cleaner than velvet couches and indoor cigars. And it’s also a vanilla-forward scent, albeit totally differently than the Joya one above. It’s more reminiscent of the smooth, rich beaniness of a pot of vanilla paste. Smoke and palo santo are also present, but you get the grounding woodiness from them without the heady spiciness. And then there’s also something soapy. Fresh. This is the kind of candle you could leave burning all day without getting a headache. That your friends would say “oh, smells like your house” when they walk in the door. Cozy-lite.

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