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Article: Huffington Post

Huffington Post

10 Badass Female Founders to Inspire your Wanderlust

Teri might travel for a living but there’s really no place like home. Much like her blog, Johnson’s luxury candle company began as a passion project. “I was making candles and giving them always as gifts for friends and family,” she explains. “They loved the scents so much that they started placing orders and I realized I was on to something,” So, as popularity grew, so did her team. Johnson now collaborates with a top-notch fragrance house, award-winning chemist and a fragrance industry veteran.

Scent is the strongest sense we have and all of our senses are heightened when we travel, which is something Teri remembers when crafting every candle. “From a design perspective, my goal was to capture the classic and vintage style of the Harlem Renaissance with fragrances that are “the essences” of people like Duke Ellington and Billie Holiday, and places like Lenox Avenue and the Savoy Ballroom.”

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