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Article: Forbes



The Best Wellness And Meditation Tips From Gabrielle Union-Wade

Is 2020 continuing to stress you out? Are you in need of some major relaxation? Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union-Wade have your back. The A-list couple recently teamed up with Chase Sapphire and their dear friend, actress and meditation guru, Logan Browning, for an online meditation session.

When it comes to her kids, she hopes to simply lead by example. “I think the best thing you can do as a parent is to show your kids the way. As parents, the more we incorporate mindful meditation and mindfulness in general, your kids will mimic what you do,” Union-Wade exampled. “Show them how meditation and mindfulness gives you that peace, it alleviates anxiety. As adults we’re not the only ones dealing with stress, panic attacks and anxiety, kids are as well. The same way that they can pick up on your energy and the vibe of the house, you can set that energy by showing them how helpful meditation can be. It can also be helpful to do it as a family so it doesn’t feel like this scary, weird, alone adult thing, it can be a family thing but you have to make it fun.”

On top of that, Union-Wade curated a wellness box made exclusively for cardmembers that featured all her go-to lifestyle brands including two Black-owned business, Harlem Candle Co. and Squeezed. “I picked the Harlem Candle Co because of their owner Terry Johnson who literally created this business out of her kitchen and is now one of the biggest in the industry,” Union-Wade said in the same interview. “I’m just so proud of her, I’m a fan of hers and the company. I picked the ‘Dream’ candle because I’m a sucker for a name, when you name things whether it’s nail polish or a candle I’m drawn to that name. The scents, there’s lavender, there’s vanilla, there’s citrus, there’s flower in there and together it's such a dynamic and very unique smell. So that’s why I picked it and I thought if I love it, hopefully other people will enjoy it as well.”

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