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Article: Entertainment Tonight

Entertainment Tonight

40 Black-Owned Fashion and Beauty Brands to Support During Black History Month and Beyond



Black History Month has arrived, and we want to take this time to recognize the success of Black-owned fashion and beauty companies. This year, the national theme for Black History Month is Black Health and Wellness, which encourages us to examine the grave deficiencies in healthcare for Black people and the stark discrepancies between the treatment of Black people and other groups in America. And in order to help you support Black entrepreneurs (this month and every month), we put together a list of Black-owned fashion and beauty companies to shop. 

Harlem Candle Company 

Travel and lifestyle expert Teri Johnson's home brand offers luxurious, handcrafted scented candles inspired by the Harlem Renaissance, spanning from fresh, fruity scents to bold, woody fragrances. 


This candle pays homage to the Harlem jazz scene of the 1920s. With top notes featuring bergamot, cinnamon, and clary sage, you'll love burning this in your home.


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