Chase Sapphire x Gabrielle Union-Wade x Harlem Candle Company

We teamed up with Chase Sapphire and Gabrielle Union-Wade to promote relaxation through a curated wellness box that featured all of Gabrielle's go-to lifestyle brands. One of those was the Harlem Candle Company, specifically highlighting our Dream candle.

“I picked the Harlem Candle Co because of their owner Teri Johnson who literally created this business out of her kitchen and is now one of the biggest in the industry,” Union-Wade said in an interview. “I’m just so proud of her, I’m a fan of hers and the company. I picked the ‘Dream’ candle because I’m a sucker for a name, when you name things whether it’s nail polish or a candle I’m drawn to that name. The scents, there’s lavender, there’s vanilla, there’s citrus, there’s flower in there and together it's such a dynamic and very unique smell. So that’s why I picked it and I thought if I love it, hopefully other people will enjoy it as well.”

- Gabrielle Union