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Article: Spring Cleaning with Savoy

Spring Cleaning with Savoy

As Spring is upon us, we feel that this is an important time to take a moment for Spring Cleaning, not only to declutter your space but also your mind and life.

A clean and clear space will help you tap deeper into your creativity and allow things to flow into your life more smoothly. Set the mood for a new Spring swing by lighting our Savoy candle which has elegant fragrance notes of mandarin, pear, and jasmine. These notes are sure to give you a boost in happiness and energy while beautifying your space.

 Here are 7 of our cleaning / organization ideas to help you get ready for Spring:

1.  Relax. Take a second to close your eyes and think about how you want your space to look and feel. Set the tone with music, a candle, friends, or whatever will make this more enjoyable for you and make it more likely that you will get it done.

2.  Get organized. Make a list of the specific areas in your living space you want to tackle. Break it down into projects that can be handled independently; and take your time. You shouldn’t feel that this all needs to be done right now. Start small and simply make progress. The feeling of completing one area will inspire you to do the next.

3.  Ask yourself these questions that will help you purge unnecessary items:

     Then: Sort your things into 3 piles – (boxes)

    4. Make it easy for yourself by having clearly labeled boxes: i.e. “Trash” “Donate” If you encounter something you can’t decide on immediately, put it in a box to be sorted later and mark the box with a specific date to do so.

    5. Clear and then clear again. You can do an initial cleansing now and in a few weeks, you may realize that there are more things that you can get rid of.

    6. Play with the big pieces, like your art and furniture. Treat your home like a gallery and give yourself a new experience to live in for this new season.

    7. Make it pretty by adding color, flowers, fresh fruit, more light, mirrors, or whatever will make you happy when you look at your space.

    Now truly indulge in your beautified Spring home with a glass of wine, champagne, tea, and your favorite Harlem candle.