A Night in on Valentine's Day

Whether you’re in a relationship or on the hunt for that perfect someone, venturing out on February 14 can be daunting. Restaurants are booked, stores are crowded with last-minute shoppers, and, like it or not, love is in the air—pretty much everywhere. 

Love your partner (or yourself) the right way this year—with a night in, a drink or two and the perfect scent. 

IN A RELATIONSHIP || The Ellington. 

Ellington Candle

Elevate a romantic night in with the Ellington. This candle will reignite the spark in your relationship—trust us. A masculine, fresh and crisp scent, like a tantalizing man who is confident in bed. Breathe deep auras of sweet and spice that will appeal to both you and your date as you get lost in the romance of the night. 

Pair it with:

2015 Robert Mondavi Reserve Pinot Noir. A full-bodied red with swirls of sweet, feminine cherries clashing into masculine mocha and spice.

SINGLE || The Josephine.

The most important relationship to love this Valentine’s Day is the one with yourself. Channel your inner golden goddess with the Josephine candle. Our most popular scent was inspired by Josephine Baker, a symbol of beauty in the 1920s. She was wildly seductive and powerfully feminine, which is captured by sweet hints of citrus and vanilla. 

Pair it with:

Mumm Napa DVX Rosé. This bubbling beauty is a pink-pomelo color, almost as cute as it is delicious, with swirls of white peach and red fruits. 

IT’S COMPLICATED || The Speakeasy.

The unknown is thrilling. Whether you’ve met someone new who has reawakened sexuality in your life, or it’s someone you’re constantly drawn back to—this sporadic, unpredictable romance is exciting in itself. Embrace the rollercoaster of love that you’re on with the Speakeasy candle. It’s dark, addictive notes of chocolate and tobacco will pull you back again and again. 

Speakeasy Candle

Pair it with:

Liverpool Rose Petal Gin. A beautiful blend of botanical flavors, this fragrant gin is unique and romantic. It’s tender, smooth and will warm your senses with just a sip.

Author: Rachel Laiosa