Stimulate Your Senses at Home

This is a challenging time for everyone. With the world facing a lot of unknown, most of us are retreating indoors for the next few weeks. Our routines are shifting, work is closed, escapes are minimal—which is why we need our homes to be a safe haven, now more than ever. Here are a few quick fixes to keep our homes cozy and our senses stimulated during this overwhelming time. 


Keep your bed comfortable. It’s the perfect place to wind down in stressful situations, whether it’s for a quick nap or long night’s sleep. Get lost in relaxation with buttery-smooth sheets, our top pick is the Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set. With a 480-thread count of silky goodness, these sheets are guaranteed to sweep your worries away. 

    • Bonus: spray your sheets with the Harlem Candle "Dream" or "Home" room spray scent—it’s a beautiful blend of bright citrus and warm bergamot for a homey touch as you settle in for a snooze. 


Dissolve into the couch for a movie (or two). Now’s the time to watch that film that’s been on your list for a few months. Here are a few of our favorites that you can stream right now.

  • For the Oscar nominated inspired: If Beale Street Could Talk (on Hulu) - did you know we did the candle for the film? 
  • For the light-hearted lover: Hitch (on Netflix)
  • For the throwback enthusiast: Harlem Nights (on Netflix



Music has the ability to turn any mood around. Which is why we’ve created a playlist all about positive vibes. Turn it up, crack the windows and re-energize yourself with up-beat rhythms that will put a smile on your face.

Here's our Feel Good Spotify Playlist created just for you!



Sweeten up your space with one of our top-selling scents, like the Sugar Hill candle. Crafted after the Harlem neighborhood nicknamed the “sweet life,” this fragrance is a burst of sunny, fresh notes of lemon crisp lavender and honeyed vanilla. Close your eyes and get lost in a time where summer afternoons in the city were perfectly simple and carefree. 


Baking brightens spirits. Not only does it warm up the house with swirls and scents of sweet treats, but it’s a great activity to take your mind off the stresses at hand. Turn on some tunes and create something delicious. It’s a great way to bond with family and friends, or give joy to a friend. We suggest this cinnamon coffee cake recipe for an extra burst of flavor in your kitchen.


Written by: Rachel Laiosa