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Article: How to Store Candles Properly: 3 Things to Avoid!

How to Store Candles Properly: 3 Things to Avoid!

Scent molecules are always slowly but constantly evaporating out of your candle wax, even when it isn't being burned. Some call that "cold throw" while others call it "scent degradation." Same thing, really — it depends if you want to see the glass half empty or half full. 

When you light a scented candle you bought 5 years ago, compared to a scented candle you bought yesterday, you'd probably notice that the smell has noticeably faded (if not gone altogether). 

If you want to make your candles last a long time without losing their smell, then it's important to know how to store them properly. 

Luckily, storing scented candles isn't complicated. You only need to remember to keep them away from these 3 things: 

1. Heat

Fragrance oils and waxes are sensitive to heat. Avoid keeping candles anywhere that gets hotter than room temperature and never leave candles near sources of direct heat, such as radiators, space heaters, or kitchen appliances.

Store your candles in a place with a cool, even temperature (below 80 °F). Otherwise, any excess heat may cause the candle wax to soften and cause the fragrance to not last as long. 

The colder the temperature, the better. You can even keep them in your fridge if you have extra room. But never store candles in the freezer — this may damage the candle wick and cause the wax to crack or split.

2. Moisture

Candles are best kept as dry as possible. Try to avoid areas with water, moisture, humidity, and condensation.

For example, bathrooms and kitchens typically have higher levels of humidity than other rooms in the house, so it’s best to steer clear of storing candles in those rooms. 

Also, avoid putting them in areas prone to leakage. For instance, you wouldn’t want to store candles under a bathroom or kitchen sink. 

3. Sunlight (UV Light)

As beautiful as it is to see a candle jar sitting by the window as rays of sunshine beam into the room, storing it by the window isn’t the best idea. 

When a candle is placed under direct sunlight, it causes oxidation and degradation of the dyes and fragrance oils in the wax. As a result, the scent and color of your candle may fade much faster than they would otherwise. 

The same rule applies to other harsh sources of light such as desk lamps and spotlights. Store your candles in a dark location, when possible. 

Other Tips for Storing Candles

  • Cover your candles when they are not being used to preserve the scent and keep dust out. Candles with lids are great (like our Ceramic Gold Collection candles). For candles without lids, consider investing in an elegant bell cloche to display your beautiful candles while keeping the fragrance from escaping.
  • Store candles out of reach from children and pets. Hiding your candle stash, or placing candles on a high shelf are good ways to ensure your candles won’t be won’t make their way into the wrong hands.