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Article: Holiday Gift Guide: The Perfect Candle For Your Special Lady

Holiday Gift Guide: The Perfect Candle For Your Special Lady

With the holiday season in full swing, you are on the lookout for the perfect gift for the woman who has your heart. What fragrance will bring a smile to mom's face? Which candle best suits your daughter? 

Let this gift guide be your new holiday companion, with invigorating Harlem-inspired luxury candles any woman will adore. 

For The Passionate: “Love”

She surprised you with her tenacity and her tenderheartedness, her spiritedness and her seduction. This type of woman is not afraid to share her deepest feelings and will always show up for what she believes in. You can find her reciting romance poems at your anniversary dinner or marching in protest for a cause she holds dear to her heart.

Pair her passion with the gift of the "Love" luxury candle. Dovetailing both masculine and feminine themes, this candle celebrates the power of love with the fragrance of Rose de Mai, the balsamic blend of sandalwood, and the warmth of clove. Her mystique will grow stronger with the fresh romantic watery green notes.

Exploring the earth for the essence of love, James Baldwin traveled from the richly cultured Harlem to the alluring Provence. He was moved by the feeling and power of love and the community it could create. 

She will fall in love with the deeply enigmatic and beautiful fragrance of this candle.

For The Artist: “Lady Day”

Whether she’s been dancing ballet her whole life or writing scripts since she could spell, this type of woman is no stranger to the Arts. She enjoys nights at the theater and will always say yes to a date at the nearest museum. You can find her singing along to her favorite song or sketching a portrait of your pet. 

The "Lady Day" luxury candle is her perfect holiday gift. This intoxicating scent mixes an almost spicy pop of coffee flower and vetiver with a floral blend of lush green leaves, neroli blossom, luscious ylang-ylang, and bergamot. Hints of jasmine petals and sandalwood bring forth a delicate, elegant, and vibrant aroma that will continually inspire the artist in her.

Known as one of the most memorable blues singers, Billie Holiday took the world by force when she entered the music scene. With her sultry tone and exuberant attitude, she gracefully captured every audience and was soon known as the irresistible Lady Day. 

FOR THE Gardener : “Vintage Garden”

She is always the first to name each household plant. This type of woman will surprise you with fresh vegetables from her garden or share her best harvesting tips to the family group chat. You can find her spending her early mornings with the soil and her late evenings discovering what herbs are in season. 

Grow closer with our "Vintage Garden" luxury candle. Calming energy blossoms from may rose, absinthe, and angelica while Italian mandarin and wild berries open you up to a lush and lavish fragrance. The base of birch wood and Haitian vetiver will remind her of days spent rolling up her sleeves and becoming one with the dirt.

Let the smell of marjoram wash over her as waters her indoor plants. This candle brings forth the serenity of the secret garden of dreams and will carry her along in a daydream of a fruitful and populous Renaissance garden.

FOR THE Entrepreneur: “Frederick”

She’s the type of woman who makes dreams into reality. She is always eager to explore new avenues in life, from starting her side hustle to spearheading an organization. You can find her creating her own website or packaging orders throughout the night. 

Honor her hard work with the "Frederick" luxury candle. Its warm heart of rich vanilla orchid and piquant cypress and ginger blossom balance out the smoky yuzu, spicy cardamom and musk of suede. This energizing blend is sure to support her pioneering spirit with a strength from tonka bean and sandalwood.

The Frederick candle pays tribute to the brave and progressive writer Frederick Douglass. He took matters into his hands to escape shackles and argue on behalf of freedom for both men and women. 

Liberate her senses and support her dreams with this heartfelt fragrance.

FOR THE Hostess: “Home”

This type of woman is known for her holiday extravaganzas. She is the first to offer up her house for a Movie Night, always ready with veggie platters and charcuterie boards. You can find her pouring wine during neighborhood book clubs or rallying a group of friends for a dip in her pool.

Show her there’s no place like home with the "Home" luxury candle. This luxurious scent pops with citrus notes of mandarin orange and neroli, culminating with sweet-scented jasmine, lilac, green tea leaves, and violet. It is finished with an affectionate base of golden amber, sandalwood, and musk.

Harlem serves as the diverse and colorful home to so many. This fragrance emulates that happy feeling you get when arriving back to that person, place, or thing that brings you inner peace. 

This holiday season, show her that home is where the heart is with this especially personal luxury candle.

FOR THE Spiritual: “Medieval Garden”

Does she start each morning with a mantra? Is she known to collect crystals or practice meditation? This type of woman dabbles in all things spirituality, whether it’s attending service every week or carving out her own sacred time. You can find her gazing at the full moon or singing in the choir. 

The mystical ambience of the "Medieval Garden" luxury candle is exactly what she’s been praying for. With a base of cedarwood, amber, and musk that invites a warm tranquility, this candle sets the perfect ambience for a night of devotion. Top notes of fruitful pomegranate and refreshing frankincense and myrrh add a calming air.

The beautiful Met Cloisters, above Hudson River, serve as the inspiration for this spiritual candle. The Cloisters are devoted to the art and formative designs and structures of Medieval Europe and the Middle Ages and its specialized gardens create a prayerful atmosphere. 

The aromatic Rose de Mai and olibanum round out the scent and are sure to awaken her love.

FOR THE Cheerful: “Joy”

This type of woman exudes positivity, no matter the circumstance. She sees the glass as half full and you can always count on her to share the brighter side of things. You can find her smiling at the mailman, sharing inspiring stories with her friends, or singing in the rain. 

Delight her with the gift of the "Joy" luxury candle, a warm and welcoming scent that will continue to brighten up her day. With its floral notes of Egyptian geranium, rosemary, and jasmine petals in between refreshing scents of mint, sage, and lemon, the Joy candle creates a cozy, yet dynamic aroma.

The cheerful, culture hub of Harlem is the inspiration for the Joy candle. It is reminiscent of Harlem’s liveliness, of the pleasant and powerful nature of its people. 

Celebrate her joy with this uplifting scent.

For Everyone: "Holiday" and "St. Nicholas"

Our beloved seasonal scents are the perfect holiday gifts if you are still in need of a few more gifts. Our new gingerbread and holiday spice-filled “St. Nicholas” luxury candle will be surely appreciated at your next family gathering, and our beloved “Holiday” luxury candle is always a splendid choice for this season of giving. Help deck the halls with these warm and captivating fragrances.