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Article: Holiday Gift Guide: The Perfect Candles For Family And Friends

Holiday Gift Guide: The Perfect Candles For Family And Friends

It’s that season of gift-giving galore and you’re on the hunt for something special to get a family member, friend, coworker, or even your boss. 

This gift guide will get you in the holiday spirit with our favorite candles for all those special people in your life. As the world starts to get colder, warm someone up physically and spiritually with the gift of a luxury candle from the Harlem Candle Co. 

For The New Parents: “DREAM”

When you pull into their driveway, you may hear a small cry indoors… it could be coming from the child, or the parents, or both! This family is adjusting to a lifestyle change with their newborn baby. You can find them reading up on all the latest baby care books or catching up on sleep in the laundry room. 

Share the calming gift of the "Dream" luxury candle. With top notes of pimento berry and bergamot, this scent serves as the best companion to late nights and early mornings. Known for its calming effects, the scent of lavender can soothe both parent and child as they drift off to sleep. Wild ginger, earthy pine needles, and jasmine round out the middle of this scent as warmer base notes of amber, patchouli, and sandalwood wrap up this fragrance.

Dreamers traveled from near and far to Harlem, coming together in art, music, and newfound style to create what is known as the Harlem Renaissance. Allow this candle to spark their imaginations and awaken the most wonderful dreams. 

For The Fine Diners: “SAVOY”

They are your go-to family for the hottest restaurant recommendations in town. This family only dines in at the trendiest eateries, and when you eat out with them, prepare to get a bit hungry as they snap up food pictures of each dish for Instagram. At home, you can find them spelunking through Yelp reviews or analyzing the dessert menu at their next target.

Get these foodies the "Savoy" luxury candle. They'll love how it fills the atmosphere with a gorgeous blend of mandarin, green apple, and pear, paired with lily of the valley and jasmine. An appetitive aroma of musk and sandalwood finish off this scent to create the perfect dining experience.

The Savoy Ballroom, located on Lenox Avenue, was the heartbeat of Harlem for years. With gorgeous decor such as crystal chandeliers and marble staircases, it provided the perfect place for attracting excitement and adventure.

Available in the original "Savoy" luxury candle and the 22K Gold Harlem Nightclub Map "Savoy" candle, as well as in the form of reed diffusers and room sprays.

For The Newly Engaged: “LOVE”

Wedding bells, anyone? This family just surprised you with some exciting news over the phone. Love is in the air as this couple prepares for their special day. You can find them planning their engagement party or going over details with their wedding planner. 

Celebrate them with the "Love" luxury candle. With a core of sweet-smelling Rose de Mai, this candle gives off a warm and comforting fragrance. It blends together a strong sandalwood with top notes of apple, clove, and an almost spicy elemi. Let the additional watery green notes encompass the happy couple as their excitement grows.

Inspired by James Baldwin’s pursuit of love, the Love luxury candle pulls from his historic travels to provinces like Provence, France all the way from Harlem. He found motivation in the many ways love can make us feel. Congratulate and celebrate the soon-to-be-wed with this love-filled candle. 

Available in the original "Love" luxury candle, the 22K Gold James Baldwin "Love" candle, the Ceramic Gold "Love" candle, and the "Baldwin" travel candle

For The Road Trippers: “HOME”

This family has been around the world. Any time you call them, they are either planning their next trip or just stepping off the airplane. You can find them swimming with sharks in the Bahamas, backpacking in their RV across the States, or touring the city streets of Italy. 

Gift them a piece of home they can take wherever they go with the "Home" luxury candle. A tribute to that special place we all call home, this serene fragrance brings together juicier notes of bergamot, orange, and neroli with more floral scents of violet, tea leaves, lilac, and jasmine. A strong base is completed by sandalwood, golden amber, musks, and tonka bean to bring back that welcoming feeling of home.

Home to many creatives and even world travelers, Harlem was and still is one of the most energizing and engaging neighborhoods. It serves as the inspiration behind this candle, recalling a place where everyone is free to unwind and truly express themselves. Share a little piece of home with them this holiday season.

For The Grandparents: “SENECA”

They have all the secret family recipes and the most heartwarming stories. Always just a phone call away, they are known to give the perfect piece of advice, even when you don’t want to hear it. You can find them spoiling your kids or baking holiday cookies during the Winter.

Tell Grandpa and Grandma how much you love them with the "Seneca" luxury candle. Just as we are intertwined with our family, there is an African belief in Seneca Village that the past, present, and future are all interconnected. Remind them of early mornings over the kettle with top notes of black tea and cedarleaf, along with supporting woody scents of birch and vetiver to round it off. Take them on a journey with pure smells of incense, cade, and red clove at the heart of this fragrance. 

Seneca Village was a lively community founded by free black tenants from the 1820s to the 1850s. It was later taken over by the City of New York to create what is now known as Central Park. 

This candle was inspired by the MET’s exhibition on the passage of time. Share this gift of history with the Seneca luxury candle. 

For The College Students: “THE RENAISSANCE”

You blinked and now these teenagers are off to college! They are packing their rooms into boxes and figuring out the next big steps in life. You can find them studying in the library, joining the swimming team, or dancing the night away with friends.

Your student will be thrilled to receive "The Renaissance" luxury candle. This brand new scent is vibrant, with a mixture of tea leaves, popping yuzu, and spicy cardamom. A dreamy heart of tonka bean, heliotrope, and wild orchid blossoms give way to a more musky tobacco and suede fragrance.

The Harlem Renaissance was a cultural reset, with inspiring social and artistic developments that changed the world. Much like college, creativity was at an all time high as people began to look at self-expression in a new, exciting light. 

For The Musician: “ELLINGTON”

This family brings music to your ears! A piano is always playing and they are constantly singing and dancing whenever you swing by. You can find them in their own wedding band or cheer them on as they take the karaoke stage.

Get them tapping their feet in excitement with the gift of the "Ellington" luxury candle. A dynamic base of earthy patchouli, amber, and musk creates a strong foundation for those more tender notes of lily of the valley and lavender. Topped off with peppery cinnamon, refreshing clary sage, and fruity bergamot, this aroma is sure to get the music started. 

Duke Ellington was a force to be reckoned with in the 1920s, with jazz so new and fresh that he changed the landscape of music entirely. This candle draws on the vibrant nature of his personality and the refreshing elements of his music. Dance the night away with this spirited scent.

Available in the original "Ellington" luxury candle, the Nightclub Map of Harlem "Ellington" candle

For The Home Renovators: “JOSEPHINE”

This family knows all about how to beautify and build up a house. They are always working on a home project, whether it’s creating a den in their backyard or redoing their kitchen counters. You can find them strolling the aisles of a hardware store and meeting with their interior designer.

Get these home luxury pros the timeless and amazing "Josephine" luxury candle. A bright, citrusy scent, this candle is a wonderful addition to a new space. With its toasty touch from a base of sandalwood, amber, tonka bean, and vanilla and bergamot swirls with jasmine and rose, they will adore placing this candle atop of their new fireplace.

“The Bronze Goddess” herself, Josephine Baker, was a groundbreaking star in the 1920s. Large paintings and imaging of Josephine from that time still serve as some of the most popular home furnishings. Breaking boundaries and headlining shows, she rose to “Art Deco” fame and became the most successful American entertainer in France. 

Available in the original "Josephine" luxury candle, the "Josephine" travel candle, as a reed diffuser, and as a room spray

For The EducatorS: “FREDERICK”

This family knows all about academia. For as long as you’ve known them, they have remained in the education field. You can find them prepping a pop quiz, tutoring after school hours, or coaching the T-ball team.

Give them the encouraging gift of the "Frederick" luxury candle. Mixing more luscious and fruity scents, this candle brings forth the juiciness of bergamot and fresh cardamom before a pop of sweet spice from vanilla orchid and ginger blossom. A base of suede, sandalwood, and tonka bean warm this blend to create an inspiring and inviting fragrance they’ll want right in their classrooms!

Frederick Douglass, activist, writer, and in many ways teacher, is the inspiration behind this elegant candle. A strong-willed and disciplined man, Frederick fought for freedom and autonomy for all. Show your support for our educators with this candle.

For Everyone: "Holiday" and "St. Nicholas"

Need a few extra presents? Our seasonal luxury candles are just what you’re looking for. Share the scents of the season with our "St. Nicholas" luxury candle, with notes of cinnamon bark, pine needles, and nutmeg. Our refreshing, mint, eucalyptus, and hyacinth perfumed "Holiday" luxury candle is another elegant choice. Give thanks and share the holiday spirit with these warm and captivating fragrances.