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Article: Holiday Gift Guide: The Perfect Candle For Your Special Man

Holiday Gift Guide: The Perfect Candle For Your Special Man

The holiday season is here, and you're searching for the perfect gift for that special man in your life — whether he's your husband, boyfriend, father, son, or even just a casual male acquaintance. What scents will he like? Which candle should you get him? 

This gift guide will help you pick out a Harlem-inspired luxury candle that your man is sure to appreciate. 


This type of man loves nothing more than spending quiet time indoors reading his favorite novel. If you're looking for him, you'll probably find him in a comfy nook in the living room or tucked away into his office with books from wall to wall.

The warm, inspiring fragrance from the "Dream" luxury candle is just right for him. He can comfortably dive into his favorite book with the relaxing hints of lavender and jasmine, and be inspired simultaneously by the sharper notes of crushed Pine Needles and musk.

"Dream" draws inspiration from the many dreamers of the Harlem Renaissance who were bursting with newfound waves of passionate art, music, and writing. 

This blend of both floral and smokey scents is reminiscent of the mixing and merging of those creatives’ dreams.


Can he strike up a 30 minute conversation with the grocery store clerk? Does he have a friend in almost any part of the world? This type of man is the definition of gregarious. You can find him chatting away at a late night party or smiling at dogs as they walk by.

The "Joy" luxury candle is the ideal gift for him. This scent creates a wonderful warmth with its top note of fresh mint and lemon and blend of cedar wood and amber musk. 

Taking inspiration from the high spirits and joyous nature of the people of Harlem, "Joy" is a delightful gift for the cheerful and extroverted at heart. 

Continue to foster his friendliness with this cozy and warmhearted scent rounded out by the purifying scent of rosemary and jasmine petals.


There is no greater joy for this type of man than coming home to draw you in close. He appreciates the more sensual elements of your relationship, taking time to bask in those quiet moments you share together. You can find him planning your next dinner date or surprising you with your favorite jewelry. 

Share the romantic sentiments of the "After Dark" luxury candle with your lover. With its expressive heliotrope and papyrus and seductive amber musk, this candle provides the perfect atmosphere for a night spent cuddling upon the sofa. 

Breathe in the sweet, yet forested scent of Atlas cedar as it is permeated with the stronger, leathery notes of saffron and a citrus burst of bergamot. 

Enjoy your evening together as the stars glitter above and allow this sultry scent to embrace the air. 


Anything can be art in the eyes of this type of man. He is always thinking on his feet, open to all that life can offer and producing project after project. If he’s not off painting by the closest beach, you can find him learning to play the guitar or writing the next best novel.

The fresh fusion presented in "The Renaissance" luxury candle is the gift for him. Celebrate his creativity with the complex, yet warm heart of the tonka bean and the spicy pop of wild orchid blossoms. Strong tobacco leaves and suede finish off the scent, while the freshness and crispness of tea leaves and cardamom really round out this inspired scent.

The Harlem Renaissance rocked the 1920s and 30s with its blast of cultural and artistic innovation and creativity. Boundaries were torn down and sensational self-expression was raised in their place. 

Create your own groundbreaking memories with this remarkable blend.


Whether he’s training in the gym or skiing on the slopes, this weekend warrior is no stranger to exercise. He is happiest when moving his body. You can find him running a marathon or playing basketball at his neighborhood park.

Continue to cultivate that energy with the gift of the "Speakeasy" luxury candle. With notes of vanilla and dark chocolate, "Speakeasy" is the perfect combination of both sweet and sensual. It is topped with a smokey incense and subtly spicy cardamom and pimento berry.

"Speakeasy" is a nod to the secret, forbidden clubs of the 1920s. Twirling women, pulsing music, cocktails and cigars surrounded the dance floor, infused with the aroma of plum blossom and licorice. 


You can always rest assured that this type of man is finding time in his day to sit in silence and look within. You can find him in a quiet, enclosed, and serene environment, ideally surrounded by elements of nature as he writes down his reflections in a journal. 

Support his introspective side with the "Vintage Garden" luxury candle. The vivid smell of a forbidden oasis filled with perfumed blossoms and botanicals tantalizes and stimulates his thoughts, while a spiritual heart formed of may rose, absinthe, and angelica creates a comforting, calming effect that is perfect for the pensive and pondering. 

Vintage Garden recreates this magical dream, evoking the tantalizing aroma of a wild Renaissance garden lined with rare fruits, spices, woods and flowers. 

Peaceful and serene, the spiritual essence transports you along delicately curved paths and porticoes with a exuberant opening of marjoram, Italian mandarin and wild berries. 


This is for type of man who could talk for hours and hours about his work. He is happy to spend time behind his desk, always on the lookout for ways to better his skills and expertise. You can find him glued to his phone checking emails and fielding business calls on his way to his next meeting.

Gift this hardworking man the "Langston" luxury candle. Known to be one of our more masculine scents, this candle is topped with a leathery and clove smell with a smoky heart of cade. Combined with similar notes of sandalwood and amber that stimulate and support his best efforts, he will love lighting this candle in his study.

This scented candle was inspired by Langston Hughes, the creative jazz poet and true Renaissance Man, with notes of leather from his favorite armchair, as well as tobacco and clove aroma to mimic the pipe smells from his neighborhood. It's rounded out by the calming aroma of jasmine, a scent known to boost your productivity. 

For Everyone: "Holiday" and "St. Nicholas"

If you're still not sure what to get him, you can't go wrong with these seasonal scents. Our well-loved "Holiday" luxury candle makes a perfect gift during this time of year, and our brand new "St. Nicholas" luxury candle is sure to be a Christmas crowd-pleaser. These warmhearted and welcoming scents bring glee into any home and set an enchanting mood for the holidays.