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Article: Gift Guide: 6 Best Smelling Manly Candles to Get Dad for Father’s Day

Gift Guide: 6 Best Smelling Manly Candles to Get Dad for Father’s Day

Thinking about sending Dad a manly scented candle for Father’s Day? To some, finding the right scented candles for gentlemen might seem tricky, but we’ve got you covered. Here are our top 6 recommendations of best smelling, Harlem-inspired candles for different kinds of dads.

And if your dad doesn't seem to quite fit with any of the descriptions below, try our Scent Recommendation Quiz for a more customized match!     

1. For the Poetic Dad: "Langston"

The poetic dad has a passion for writing, reading, and discussing history late into the night. He is enthusiastic, imaginative, and sincere. 

Give your father the gift of the warm-scented Langston luxury candle. With masculine top notes like leather, nutmeg and clove, this candle is sure to inspire your dad as he reads his favorite poetry book, The Weary Blues, while smoking a pipe after dinner. 

The Langston candle celebrates elements of the jazz poet Langston Hughes' creative vision with fragrance accords reflecting some of the strong symbols in his life…. The worn vintage leather of his favorite armchair, aromatic tobacco laced with a hint of clove and vanilla from the pipes of the neighborhood men, and the smell of ambery incense that recalls his many visits to churches in Mexico. 

2. For the Dad Who Loves History: "Frederick"

This is the dad who’s ideal Friday night includes you watching the latest Ken Burns documentary with him from start to finish. He has extensive knowledge on everything from the Reconstruction Era, to the Harlem Renaissance, to the Civil War. This dad is cerebral, talkative, jovial, and strong-minded. 

Honor your dad’s affinity for history with the Frederick luxury candle. Inspired by the revered social reformer and abolitionist Frederick Douglas, this candle pays tribute to the noble fight for freedom with its uplifting aroma. 

Inspired by Frederick Douglass, our Frederick candle pays loving tribute to a brave and charismatic man who passionately followed his dream of a world of freedom for all. 

Infused with fruits and botanicals, we’ve re-imagined the orangerie from Douglass’s childhood to include juicy bergamot, yuzu, and fresh green cardamom which sets the stage for a heart of vanilla orchid, cypress, and ginger blossom. A liberating base of suede, sandalwood and tonka bean add warmth and depth to this elegant and uplifting blend.

3. For the Dad who Loves to Dance: "Savoy"

The party never ends for the dad who loves to dance. In the mornings, you’ll find him Lindy Hopping while cooking eggs and bacon. He doesn’t stop after breakfast — this dad Lindy Hops throughout the day. He is celebratory, energetic, and thoughtful. 

The Savoy luxury candle makes the perfect present for him on Father's Day. This manly candle pays homage to the world-famous Savoy Ballroom. During the Harlem Renaissance, the Savoy Ballroom was a beloved hub for jazz music and swing dancing. It was a block long, dripping with glittering crystal chandeliers and an elegant marble staircase, and is known for having birthed the Lindy Hop.  

The glamour and excitement of nights on that iconic dance floor are beautifully reflected with a luscious overture of blackcurrant, tart mandarin, crisp green apple and juicy pear evolving into a flirtatious floral heart of Lily of the Valley and jasmine petals. Sensual sandalwood and sheer musk bring warmth to perfectly balance this intoxicating blend.

4. For the Cool Dad: "Ellington"

The cool dad is a collector of gadgets that you might not see the value in, but are precious prizes to him. He has impeccable style, and moves through the world in a suave manner. He is composed, confident, popular, and systematic. 

With a masculine base note of musk, your cool dad will enjoy the smooth vibes of the Ellington luxury candle. A cool dad himself, Duke Ellington had a complicated relationship with his son, Mercer Ellington. However, the two shared a bond for music, and Mercer ended up working as his father’s manager during Duke Ellington’s late years. 

The Ellington candle pays loving tribute to this vibrant legend with top notes of juicy bergamot, tangy cinnamon and crisp clary sage, a luminous heart of Lily of the Valley, heady rose and fresh lavender, and a warm swinging base of spicy patchouli, crystalline amber and soft skin musk.

5. For the Board Game Dad: "Speakeasy"

The board game dad is a family man. He likes to have grand dinners, then play monopoly late into the night. He’s an avid chess player. If no one in the house will play with him, he’ll play chess online. He is loving, intelligent, sociable, and competitive. 

Gift your board game dad the Speakeasy luxury candle. A luscious base of palo santo will lull your dad into the focused state he needs to be in to beat you at chess.

People would slip into hidden clubs, tucked behind storefronts. The thrill of the forbidden was unmatched—embodied by sensual flavors of vanilla and dark chocolate. The simple nod of a doorman would whisk you away to an unfamiliar world: dark, loud, pulsing with excitement. Auras of palo santo and tobacco swirled the gambling tables where men rotated between cocktails and cigars. On the dance floor, perfumes of swaying women infused the air, creating a sweet elixir of licorice and plum blossom.

6. For the Artistic Dad: "Seneca"

The artistic dad never stops talking about his last trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He’s diligently preserved and displayed all of your childhood drawings and paintings throughout the house. He is sensitive, creative, introverted, and caring. 

The Seneca luxury candle features a unique combination of scents like birch, vetiver, and concrete that your artistic dad will appreciate. He’ll really be doubly excited when you tell him that this unforgettable fragrance was actually created in collaboration with The Met!

Seneca Village was a vibrant community founded by free black tenants that flourished from the 1820’s to the 1850’s until the City of New York seized the land to construct Central Park. In celebration of The Met’s exhibition, Before Yesterday We Could Fly: An Afrofuturist Period Room, this candle invites you to transcend time with a glimpse into Seneca Village.

The Seneca candle transports you to a fragrant, bustling kitchen with top notes of spiced black tea. Through an open window, breezes carry in an aromatic accord of wild thyme and crisp cedarleaf, which can still be deeply inhaled walking through Central Park today. Incense, cade and red clove create a warm aura at the heart, leading beautifully to the resinous, woody freshness of birch and vetiver.